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We have watched both of these online crowdfunding courses created by our Community Resource Partners from beginning to end and can attest to their quality. The instructors are industry experts. Scroll down to read more about each course to determine which is a better fit for your potential campaign.


3 Tips to raise more funds from your network, crowdfunding education course, Devin Thorpe, Kathleen Minogue, Good Crowd School, Crowdfund Better, online education, crowdfunding education, crowdfunding course, crowdfunding training3-Tips For Raising More Funds From Your Network

Our Founder Kathleen Minogue is interviewed by our
Community Resource Partner Devin Thorpe of GoodCrowd.School.

$9.98 for access to the 5-unit course when you use our link for 50% off the regular $19.97 price! (less than 20 minutes total class time)

Best for: small business, entrepreneurs, creators, makers

Course Features:

  • Introduction to 3-Tips For Raising More Funds From Your Network
Section 1: Welcome and Introduction
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Course Benefits
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Author: Kathleen Minogue
  • GoodCrowd.School Gives 5% to Change the World
Section 2: Lead With Humanity
  • Lead with Humanity
Section 3: Use Technology To Keep It Personal
  • Use Technology To Keep It Personal
Section 4: Write How You Speak
  • Write How You Speak
Section 5: Key Takeaways To Remember
  • Key Takeaways To Remember
  • Points of Contact for Kathleen Minogue
  • Learning Assessment

Crowdfunding to Win

Taught by our Community Resource Partner Tim Wright of twintangibles.
$40 for lifetime access to the 15-unit course (1.5 hours total class time)

Best for: small business, entrepreneurs, creators, makers

Course Description:

  • Introduction to Crowdfunding to Win
Section 1: Principles
  • What is Crowdfunding?
  • The Principles of Crowdfunding
Section 2: The TAMP Process
  • Introduction to TAMP / T – Target
  • TAMP – – Audit
  • TAMP – M – Methodology
  • TAMP – P – Planning & Prep
Section 3: Practical Considerations
  • Building a Crowd
  • Messaging
  • Monitoring & Metrics
  • Costing Campaign
  • Getting Help
  • Components of a Good Campaign
Section 4: After Winning
  • When It’s All Over
  • Conclusion

Crowdfunding for Social Good

Taught by Community Resource Partner Devin Thorpe of Your Mark on the World.
$26.50/monthly subscription or $197 lifetime access (50% off when you use our link)
44-unit course (3 hours total class time)

Best for: nonprofits, social enterprises, personal causes

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome – FREE
  • Download the Workbook
  • Workbook Purchase Option – FREE
  • PowerPoint slides in PDF
  • Introduction to Crowdfunding for Social Good – FREE
  • Crowdfunding 101 – FREE
  • Crowdfunding for Social Good book Purchase – FREE
Phase I: Reconnaissance (How Much Can You Raise?)
  • Reconnaissance (An overview)
  • Step 1: Assess Your Team
  • Step 2: Assess Your Cause
  • Step 2-a: Rate the “Face”
  • Step 2-b: Rate the Urgency
  • Step 2-c: Rate the Politics
  • Step 2-d: Rate the Geography
  • Step 2-e: Rate the Community
  • Step 2-f: Rate the Project or Event
  • Step 3: Calculating your fundraising potential
  • Going Viral: what it takes
  • Crowdfunding Platforms for Nonprofits
Phase II: Preparation (The First Steps Before Launching Your Campaign)
  • Preparation
  • Step 1: Your Campaign Video
  • Step 2: Engage Your Partners
  • Step 3: Organize Your Lists
  • Step 4: Pick Your Rewards
  • Step 5: Write a Press Release
  • Pro tip: Send me your press release!
  • Step 6: Target the Media (and why you need to)
Phase III: Ground War (How To Raise 30% Of Your Goal Before You Launch)
  • The Ground War
  • Step 1: Engaging Your Big Backers
  • Step 3: Pre-Campaign Emails (that actually raise money)
  • Step 4: Track Your Contacts To Maximize Results
Phase IV: Air War (The Public Campaign: From Launch To The Finish Line)
  • Air War
  • Step 1: How to Reach the Media
  • Step 2: Have a Ball — or at Least a Party
  • Step 3: Engage Social Media
  • Coordinate With Your Team
  • Facebook Advertising (without throwing your money away)
  • Demo: How to Advertise on Facebook
  • Demo: How to Create a Custom Audience
  • Demo: How to Create a Lookalike Audience
  • Step 4: The Big Finish – keys to crossing the finish line
  • The Power of Crowdfunding to Change the World
  • Investment Crowdfunding
  • You are the cavalry


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We provide these courses because of their quality regardless of compensation.*

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