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“If you are fortunate enough to meet, hear or hire Kathleen
my advice is to listen intently – you will learn a lot you’ll not find anywhere else.”
Barry E James, Founder, The Crowdfunding Center & TheCrowdDataCenter

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The Crowdfund Better Team

Kathleen Minogue

About Kathleen…

Kathleen Minogue educates and guides small businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and creative artists on how to use crowdfunding strategically to help them attain their financial, marketing, and business goals. Investing time behind the scenes with the creators and executives of both major and niche crowdfunding platforms has given her a unique perspective on this rapidly growing ecosystem. A thought leader in crowdfunding, Kathleen is particularly focused on utilizing rewards crowdfunding to encourage entrepreneurship and economic development in local communities, especially for women and minorities. She advocates for the use of rewards crowdfunding to create a path to bankability for entrepreneurs who have been turned down by lenders.

Kathleen is a dynamic speaker who uses her skills as a former teacher and financial professional to run highly interactive workshops that address the needs of novice crowdfunders as well as experienced veterans, and has worked alongside project creators on highly successful campaigns on platforms ranging from Kickstarter and Indiegogo to niche platforms like Seed&Spark, Barnraiser, and Hatchfund. Kathleen is a member of the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) and has been invited to speak at venues including General Assembly, Impact Hub, Pepperdine University, UC Riverside, City of Inglewood, the Director’s Guild of America, CAMEO, SCORE, the Small Business Administration, the Global Crowdfunding Convention, Crowd Invest Summit and Crowdfunding Deep Impact UK.

Prior to Crowdfund Better, Kathleen spent time at JPMorgan where she helped build relationships with leading technology venture capitalists and worked as a consultant for an LA-based crowdfunding start-up. When not working with clients, Kathleen can be found wandering LA Farmer’s Markets or whipping up a batch of gluten-free pancakes with her daughter.

Scott Madsen
Director of Relationships & Marketing

About Scott…

Scott brings a no-nonsense approach to his marketing feedback for clients. Growing up in Northern California, he learned the value of working with your hands & your education to get the job done right – the first time. Having crossed the country with AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps, and then the globe, to widen his perspective and increase his understanding of others – Scott puts social in every aspect of his position. Willing to listen and unafraid to speak up, Scott helps clients make sense of the overwhelming onslaught of marketing options and guides them on how to communicate in a human way via their digital presence.

He crossed paths with Kathleen during the 2015 Food Biz Roadtrip across the Western U.S., and they connected in their commitment to help small businesses get a leg up. Since then, they have worked together on crowdfunding campaigns, workshops and overall marketing strategies for shared clients. His ability to simplify complex marketing strategy down to the nuts and bolts for small business owners and nonprofits assists in overall strategy and crowdfunding campaign execution.

Before moving to Los Angeles in the spring of 2016, Scott cut his teeth in marketing working with various companies at ChicoStart in Chico, CA. His nearly 20 years of retail & customer service background combined with his understanding and implementation of marketing strategy for startups, small businesses and nonprofit organizations makes him a perfect fit for Crowdfund Better.

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